Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Don't Need Permission!

From childhood, we learn to ask permission for virtually everything. "May I have a cookie?" "May I go to a friend's house?" Then we go to school, and an additional group of people appear that we need to ask permission, everything from leaving the classroom for various reasons to determine the topic of a three page paper needs permission to be granted. No wonder we grow up thinking that the choice of our career, our dreams and our life need to be granted permission by "someone". But who is that "someone"? Since we don't know, we usually assume it is our friends, spouse, parents, boss, etc. Or worse, maybe it's no one, and we just assume we don't have permission. Well, I'm about to tell you who you need permission from to achieve happiness, your career choice, your goals and your dreams. Do you have a guess as to who it is?

Well, it's YOU!!!!! YOU give yourself permission to choose the career you desire. YOU give yourself permission to pursue what will make you happy. YOU give yourself permission to pursue your dreams. If it matters to you, it matters. And when do you give yourself permission to do it? NOW!!

Now that you've given yourself permission to meet your dreams, let's get busy!!